Be aware that at the current state of things we can not reimburse any memberships. We can only transfer memberships between participants. Purchase at your own risk. Self reliance.

What is Frankfurt Decom?
The Decom is a 48 hour event in the spirit of Burning Man. We understand the Decom to be an experiment in creative freedom, participation and community building. Every aspect of our shared experience is brought by the participants as a gift towards others. The decom is a non commercial event organised along the 10 principles. In short: Frankfurt Decom is a Burn.

If you made it here - you either have already heard of Frankfurt Decom or have found our membership sale online or are interested in going to a burn or have been to burns before.

No matter what: If you haven’t already, please make sure to read the Survival Guide before you purchase a membership to Frankfurt Decom 2022.

I wanna bring my kids
Minors are very welcome at the Frankfurt Decom - however they need to be accompanied by a grown-up (parents or care givers). Be aware that a Burn is an environment of self-expression and this might spark honest conversations between adults and minors on various topics. We disencourage to have any minors around during nighttime, although we leave these decisions with the adults that accompany them.

Be aware that at the current state of things we can not reimburse any memberships. We can only transfer memberships between participants. Purchase at your own risk. Self reliance.

And now get that f*cking membership!

We are currently experiencing problems with paypal - for this reason please transfer the money to the bank account. When we have received your payment, you will receive your membership confirmation via email. If you really do need to use PayPal, give us a note and we can work something out:

The booking period for this event is over.

Where does the event happen? Uferlos Beachclub, Rabenlohweg 5, 63165 Mühlheim am Main

When does the event happen?
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Supporter Membership

You are a star for looking at this! If you feel very social and 25 bucks do not hurt you, it would be awesome if you obtained a supporter membership - with a supporter membership we cross fund reduced / low income memberships and thus include more awesome new friends into the Frankfurt Decom. If you feel even more social, go ahead and enter whatever amount above 75 € you want to invest into Frankfurt Decom.

Regular Membership

This is the regular membership for 50 € - every single Euro contributes hell of a lot to the magic that will happen at Frankfurt Decom. If you feel like you can chip in one or two or a couple of bucks more, you will be loved for giving more :)

Reduced / Low Income Membership

For kids and minors between 16-18 years of age, you can get a Reduced / Low Income Membership.
Reduced / Low Income Memberships are furthermore intended to give people wirh lower incomes a chance to participate in Frankfurt Decom. As we have no intention to control anyone obtaining a low income membership, we trust you to make a fair decision of whether to purchase a reduced / low income or rather a regular membership. Cheers :)
If you feel like giving more than 35 bucks but not as much as 50 bucks, you will be celebrated for adjusting your donation and making even more magic happen

Kid's and Minor's Membership

The Kid's and Minor's Membership is for kids between 6-16 years. For Kids older than 16 please get a "Reduced / Low Income Membership". Kids younger than 6 are welcome too and do not need an extra membership.
Please be aware that a Burn is an environment of Self-Expression and might spark some honest conversations between minors and their care givers.
As with other memberships, you are very welcome to give more than 10 € if you want to support even more magic.


You can't make it to Frankfurt Dekomp but really like the idea of helping your community have a good time? You can donate here whatever amount you like - every cent goes right into magic - every leftover cent will after the event be donated to our hosts the Artificial Family e.V.
Please note that we cannot give you a receipt for your taxes (Spendenquittung).
If you do need a tax relevant receipt for your donation, you can donate via the German Burners e.V.